Business Law Degree

The Master of Business Law degree is offered in these locations:

Master of Business Law Degree

Although there are a number of master of law programs offered in various parts of the country, Friends is the first university to offer a business law Masters degree program in the Wichita area. The first MBL class started in August of 2004.

Through the MBL degree program, students will gain the knowledge and skills to identify and resolve many legal issues that arise in business and professional environments. Students will also acquire extensive knowledge of the legal framework governing a particular business sector through a final research project. In addition, students in our Business Law graduate degree program will develop knowledge and skills in analytical thinking, negotiation, decision making, economics and ethics, which will have practical applications in many aspects of life.

While a juris doctor degree and admission to a state bar are required to represent others as legal counsel, you do not need to be an attorney to apply legal knowledge in a personal, business or professional setting. The MBL degree is not a juris doctor program, and credits earned in the graduate program will not transfer into a juris doctor program.

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