Business Management Degrees from Friends University

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Using a unique blend of cross-disciplinary components, students will be prepared to enter or continue in the exciting and fast-paced field of business growth and development. The Business Management degree includes components focused on managerial concepts as well as quantitative controls at both the strategic and operational levels through exploration in the disciplines of improved processes, quantitative decision-making, problem-solution development, information systems, accounting, business law, project development, communications, and marketing. Domestic and global aspects of business management in diverse cultures as well as ethical issues are integrated throughout various courses.

Mission Statement for the Business Management Degree:

“Develop highly effective business professionals, empowered to achieve their educational goals”

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management provides you with the confidence and knowledge you need to get ahead in the challenging field of professional commerce and business management jobs. Classes take place in the evenings at the Friends University main campus in Wichita and at convenient regional locations, including Topeka and Kansas City.

The Business Management degree curriculum provides relevant course work for today's strategic thinkers in business as well as for those aspiring to enhance their value within an organization. Today's business management professionals assume a broad range of responsibilities involving interpersonal activities, decision-making, the use of technology, strategic communications, and teamwork. Individuals in managerial positions are challenged to bring higher skills and knowledge to the workplace than ever before. Our Bachelor's in Business Management degree places emphasis on developing efficient and effective means of knowledge management as well as problem solving and critical-thinking skills.

Graduates of the Business Management major, along with their professional experience, could be qualified for a wide variety of management-related careers in small to large businesses, corporations, and governmental agencies or to meet education requirements leading to an MBA or other graduate degree in business.

Students advance through the major with other adults, with diverse backgrounds and experiential knowledge, in a highly supportive learning environment. You will also have access to Friends' extensive resources, including library and academic support services.

Business Management Degree Purpose Statement(s)

  • To provide a learning environment that encourages open communication, collaboration, exploration of social and ethical differences, as well as the benefits of life-long learning
  • To provide the opportunity for improved critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and research analysis skills
  • To encourage exploration in the application & evaluation of concepts and theories in actual business situations
  • To provide a professional atmosphere that is appropriate for a diverse population of students

Business Management Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Business Management Degree will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of managerial concepts and quantitative controls in the business environment by satisfactorily completing specific course work.
  2. Locate information sources applicable to meet the requirements within the major as well as select appropriate technologies to analyze and interpret data.
  3. Use written and oral communication guidelines based upon APA style and accepted business practices to clearly express ideas, concepts, and demonstrate the ability to apply in the appropriate business setting.
  4. Identify business opportunities/problems, develop alternative solutions, formulate plans to implement and evaluate solutions.

Where is the Business Management degree offered?
We offer adult-focused bachelor’s degrees in WichitaTopekagreater Kansas City area and online. Not all courses and programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please contact an Admissions Counselor at 316-295-5300 or for more details.

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