Education Degrees and Education Majors from the Division of Education at Friends University

Division of Education Mission

The Division of Education seeks to provide all candidates in education with the knowledge, theory and practice that enables them to become reflective educators about content and pedagogy, to create positive classroom environments for all students, and to exhibit professional teaching behaviors.


Division of Education Majors



Major Why major? What can I do with this major?

Art Education, B.A. (Grades PreK-12)

Because in sharing your passion and knowledge of art, you will empower others to tell their stories and find their creative voice. Teach visual arts to students at all educational levels; pursue graduate studies; teach.

Elementary Education, B.S. (Grades K-6)

Because you want to discover how you can become an elementary school teacher. Teach in grades K-6, complete an advanced degree in grades K-6 education, school administrator, or school counselor.

English Language Arts, Secondary Education, B.A (Grades 6-12)

Because you want the skills necessary to teach English language arts in middle and high school, or to become a librarian. Teach in grades 6-12 in a public or private school, library assistant, pursue graduate studies.

Health and Physical Education, B.S. (Non-licensure)

Because health, fitness and recreational activities are important in life, and you want to teach in the field of fitness and wellness.Personal trainer, manage health and fitness clubs, manage recreational facilities.

Math Education, Secondary Education, B.S. (Grades 6-12)

Because teaching high school students math skills makes a difference in their lives. High school math teacher.

Music Education, B.M. (Grades PreK-12)

Because you want to apply your appreciation and skills in music to teaching young people about its place and value in their lives. Become a music specialist, band/orchestra director; choral teacher; teach music at all educational levels, pursue graduate studies; teach.

Physical Education Teacher Education, B.S. (Grades PreK-12)

Because you want to learn the latest methods for teaching and coaching elementary school Physical Education. Teach physical education in grades PreK-12, coach, complete advanced degree in grades PreK-12 physical education, school administrator, or school counselor.

Spanish Education, B.A. (Grades PreK-12)

Because you want to engage elementary through high school students as a Spanish teacher. Grades K-12 Spanish teacher.

Speech/Theatre Education, Secondary Education, B.A. (Grades 6-12)

Because you want to teach theatre, debate or forensics. Teach speech and theatre in grades 6-12, coach forensics and debate, direct plays and musicals, complete advanced degree in grades 6-12 education.


Division of Education Minors


Are you considering earning your degree in education? Friends University offers education majors to meet your specific education goals. Learn more about Friends University’s accredited education degree program and discover the education major that is right for you.

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