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Master of Science in Environmental Studies Degree

The Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MSES) degree program is a five-term, 22-month, 40-credit hour professional program. The curriculum includes eight four-credit hour classroom courses, plus internships, a portfolio, and a final project. An average class size consists of 15 students.

Each classroom course is offered in four hours, one night a week and includes two Saturday meetings.  One of those Saturdays consists of a field trip. Courses begin with an introduciton to environmental studies, and then continue with graduate-level topics in environmental law, environmental biology, environmental geology, environmental health measures, energy and the environment, environmental management and environmental sustainability. Included in these courses are lectures and discussions, group environmental activities, expert guest presentations and discussions, and student presentations and discussions. Also, a practical, hands-on focus includes field trips and/or laboratory investigations. There are few examinations, so most of the course grades are based on other measurements. These include research papers, environmental site analysis reports, book summaries, case studies and oral presentations. The small class size affords a great deal of individual attention by a faculty or environmental professional.

The environmental internships are designed to allow students to pursue supervised, hands-on studies in environmental areas of interest to them. The one-credit-hour Environmental Studies portfolio demonstrates proficiency in the various expected outcomes of the program. The culminating activity is a three-credit-hour environmental project that allows students to develop and demonstrate expertise in a specific area of the environment.

More than 125 students have graduated from the MSES degree program since it began in 1989. A who's who list of environmental leaders in Kansas industry, government, education and environmental organizations would include a good number of individuals who have the MSES degree from Friends University. If you're interested in obtaining a master's degree in Environmental Studies, Friends University can set you on your path.

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