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Political science has stretched Aaron Gurley’s imagination, expectations and aspirations in ways he has never expected.

The senior in political science and history came to Friends University with high hopes, but never did he imagine what he was in for; and he wants future political science majors to be prepared for what’s in store for them.

“Get ready for an intense thinking session with Dr. Fox, a typhoon of historical facts with Dr. Eick, and a hurricane of analysis and critical thinking,” Gurley said. “This program will challenge your beliefs and your ability to respond to critical questions dealing with the most critical issues facing our time. With a little effort, you’ll surprise yourself.”

Gurley said he received a warm welcome when he came to Friends University.

“I came to Friends because I loved the atmosphere and the people here. Nowhere else made me feel as welcome as Friends. I started with a track-and-field scholarship and came to know some of my best friends and became the humble recipient of an all-star education from some brilliant professors in almost every course,” Gurley said. “The political science program has stretched my imagination to new limits and opened me up to a world of possibility. I fully expected everything the program has to offer, but I have received even more than I imagined.”

Gurley plans to build upon his education from Friends University. After graduation, he hopes to begin graduate studies, “potentially law,” he said. He also has political aspirations.

“I have worked in a couple election cycles and have actively pursued political goals; however, I know I can do more. My long-term-career goals are to utilize the education I've received to achieve great things through politics, whether it be working for a non-profit or on Capitol Hill,” he said.

Gurley said he’s been inspired to pursue his dreams by the people at the University.

“The faculty and fellow students in the program had everything to do with my career aspirations,” he said. “My experience here has allowed me to think outside of the normal realm of thinking, and to use the skills I've acquired to make a substantial first step into my career field.”

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