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Testimonials from former students:

Nathan Nonhof
2012 graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

"One thing that really stands out about the Spanish program at Friends University is the way that it not only focuses on the learning and application of the language, but also the fortification of those classroom happenings through diverse cultural experiences. The faculty and staff really push students to seek new boundaries. Everyone works to create an active cultural awareness in the classroom, and the faculty provides opportunities for students to take that knowledge into the community and apply it. From studying abroad to making tamales in community centers, the Spanish program at Friends University provided me with some wonderful opportunities that have broadened my perspective, nurtured my curiosity, and have given me a confidence to step into something that is bigger than myself."

Samantha Billings
2012 graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

"The Spanish program at Friends University has opened the door to endless possibilities for me. While in the program, the curriculum and professors challenged me to explore language beyond just words and to discover history, culture, meaning and purpose of what we all experience in our lives. Looking back, I’ve realized that the Spanish program taught me skills that go beyond speaking, reading and writing. My professors have furnished me with the tools to connect with others on multiple levels and thrive in an unfamiliar atmosphere."