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With a Spanish culture and a love for helping people, teaching Spanish is the career path that makes sense to Cristina Segundo.

“Spanish has been such a big part of my personality, life and everything that holds me together,” Segundo said. “I love sharing this part of myself with people, and what better way to share my experiences and to help students and also be an inspiration for their future than by teaching?”

Her goal is to someday become a Spanish literature teacher at the university level.

She now student teaches at Wichita High School Northwest for grades nine through 12. She teaches Spanish I, II and III to about 150 students.

Student teaching has helped her learn more about her field and herself. She recalls growing and learning a lot from the past semester.

“I can definitely look back on it now and realize that I worked very hard and that I have a long road ahead,” she said.

When she first came to Friends University, she wanted a place where she could feel at home.

“It felt like a place where a person could grow and develop an understanding of other students that might not have had the same life as you would have in your world,” Segundo said. She liked the friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings at the University.

Her literature classes were extremely helpful while at Friends. “I believe that it has been the highlight of my college experience because it has enabled me to see past what the normality is when you just read about English authors,” Segundo said. It opened up new ways of writing and a different way of viewing things for her.

Experience is what teaches you to learn what you really need to know when you enter the teaching world, she says. Friends University helped her prepare for student teaching well.

“I met a lot of individuals from different backgrounds than myself, and I also made lifelong friendships. I am really glad that these individuals all influenced me and my walk though this life,” Segundo said.