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Taking risks can be scary. But Autumn Drake says some risks are worth it, especially when it comes to education and achieving career goals.

“To anyone considering attending Friends, I would encourage you to put your fears behind you and let Friends help you achieve your goals,” said Drake, a 2012 graduate of Friends University’s Global Management and Leadership program. 

Drake works as a coordinator on Cessna’s customer solution team, and she says her success in the Master of Global Leadership and Management (MGLM) program is a big factor in her success.

“The MGLM program at Friends has given me a number of skills that I have been able to apply directly to my professional life,” she said. “Communicating effectively, managing diversity, and project management are just a few of the skills I have gained and used to help further my career.”

While working toward her degree, Drake was one of 19 MGLM students who traveled to Santiago, Chile, to visit about 10 companies. They had the opportunity to tour the companies, hear lectures, and participate in a roundtable discussion.   

Her time at the University also taught Drake valuable intangible lessons, such as perseverance and determination. 

“My time spent attending Friends University was a journey that I will never forget. The path was sometimes hard, but I grew to meet each challenge,” she said. “All of the accomplishments that I gained while at Friends have given me the tools and confidence I needed to move forward in my career.”