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Erin Casey came to Friends University with a creative eye. She left with practical knowledge on how to market her creativity.

Casey graduated from the University in 2005 with degrees in art (with an emphasis on graphic design) and communications (with an emphasis on public relations) and a minor in marketing.

“I started out as an art major in graphic design. Then my advisor (Karen Scroggins) pushed me into the business side of graphic design, which is how I got into the business side,” Casey said.

Casey currently works as the Marketing Director for The Wichita Business Journal. She handles all internal ad design and marketing – including radio spots and billboards. She also designs several client ads.

“I love it here,” Casey said. “I like the variety of media I get to use, and I like working with clients.”

Not only did Casey receive an education in the classrooms of Friends University, but she also received practical knowledge through a part-time job.

“I started working in the Public Relations Office as a freshman, and it made me really interested in that. And I thought that if I liked it so much, I might major in it as well,” she said.

Casey said the diversity in her degrees gives her more options in the career world. “I have so many opportunities to do different things,” she said.

But she plans to stick around at her current job at the Business Journal for a while.

“I’m allowed to be really creative,” she said. “And my boss is really open to my ideas.”