This degree prepares students for a professional career in finance.  Preparation includes both technical knowledge and analytical skills, as well as the ability to apply and communicate results.  The program will require students to master both the global and domestic dimensions of finance.  The basis is thus set for student success in finance-related fields, whether corporate or business finance, financial management in government and not-for-profit organizations, financial planning, investments, or banking.

To achieve these objectives, coursework will feature problem-solving and analytical decision-making.  Through cases, case problems, simulations, and optional trips to financial centers, students will make the transition from theory to practice.  Current developments in the economy and in financial markets and institutions are emphasized to help you appreciate the complexities of financial and investment management in the 21st century.

Candidates must complete 54 hourse outside of the Division of Business and Information Technology.  A grade of ‘C’ or better must be earned in each Division course applied to the major or minor.

Finance offers broad and varied employment opportunities for the qualified individual.  Both the local and national economies generate a significant demand for trained finance professionals.  Corporations and private companies hire finance graduates in corporate finance, forecasting, cash management, and controlling.  Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies hire finance graduates as financial analysts, financial advisors, credit analysts, or management trainees.  Many finance graduates pursue the potentially more lucrative, if riskier, careers in securities markets and real estate.  The analytical skills and critical thinking required of Finance majors can also provide an excellent background for graudate work in law or an MBA program.

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