Forensic Science

This degree is intended for individuals who plan to pursue a career in the forensic sciences, including DNA analysis, trace evidence analysis, forensic toxicology and forensic chemistry.  The academic approach to this degree will be to focus on the scientific investigation aspects of the forensic sciences, i.e. the study and analysis of evidence before trial as opposed to criminal justice which is an endeavor that takes place after the trial.

This degree will be offered through the Department of Natural Science and Mathematics (NATS).  Students will take a core set of courses in biology and chemistry, with supporting courses in criminal justice and psychology.  At some point in the course of study, the student will decide on one of two degree focus tracks:  chemistry or biology.  The chemistry track will prepare the student for work in the forensic sciences in such areas as drug analysis, arson investigation, and forensic toxicology or trace evidence analysis.  The biology track will be geared toward careers in forensic biology, autopsy assistant or DNA analysis.

Individuals with a degree in forensic sciences routinely work in government laboratories (FBI, local and state crime labs), in health care (hospital laboratories) or in commercial laboratories such as those geared toward pre-employment drug testing.

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