Global MBA: Business Law Concentration

We are excited to announce a new concentration in business law as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. The concentration brings like-minded students together to take four courses from our 12-course Master of Business Law curriculum, which we have identified as being most complementary to any executive: 1) Introduction to Law and the Legal System, 2) Contracts, 3) Employment Law and 4) Business Associations. These four courses will be taken with students in the Master of Business Law program and will provide you with a broad and valuable understanding of applicable legal principles and issues which frequently arise in any business environment.  MBA and Global MBA Professionals with this concentration will be in a position to identify and make valuable contributions on a variety of legal issues, including effectively interfacing with other business and legal professionals.

The advantage of this interdisciplinary program is the blending of core MBA knowledge with specific understandings of the legal system, contracts, employment law and the types of business associations (corporation, LLC, and others) through which you will gain leveraged legal expertise and strengthen the business knowledge and skills learned through your six core MBA business courses. The intersection of business and business law through these four courses will provide a broad and valuable understanding of applicable legal principles and issues as well as knowledge and skills needed to navigate a career that requires work in various areas of compliance, human resources, contracting, and other corporate and government regulations in both national and international businesses. 

On the other hand, you can take all 12 law courses as a Master of Business Law student. This will give you a much broader knowledge of legal issues in the workplace, and you will be in an even greater position to make valuable contributions in the business/legal arena. The tradeoff is that the Master of Business Law student will not take any MBA classes and will not gain any of the understanding and knowledge covered in the MBA curriculum. For more information about the Master of Business Law program, click here.

The Professional MBA or Global MBA include a prior learning assessment that could potentially reduce the program by at least two courses. This enables well-qualified students to complete the six-course or 18-credit-hour core and four-course concentration with as few as 30 credit hours.

We offer adult-focused master's degrees in Wichita, Topeka, the greater Kansas City area and online.  Not all courses and programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats.  Please check with your Admissions Counselor for more details.

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