Information Security Master's Degree at Friends University

The Master of Science in Information Security (MSIS) can be completed in two years and is designed primarily for students who are responsible for technology-based and information-based workplaces. Graduates from the program work as technology professionals in business, industry or government.

The MSIS degree equips technology professionals with knowledge of emerging security threats and solutions while learning to assess the strategic and operational security needs of information and network systems. Practical applications include how to manage, implement and maintain recommended security solutions.

Students who complete the MSIS degree will be able to analyze and document the requirements for architecture, design and the purpose of computer systems. Specific learning activities guide the development of security protocols designed to protect database systems and data communications. Emphasis on protocols to protect the strategic value of computing systems occurs through advanced knowledge in managing technologies in the enterprise.

As technology leaders, graduates will stay attuned to risk management and asset assessment and will anticipate changes in security systems, network security and cryptography. These actions reflect competence in security policies, processes and business operations. The overall program outcome is to prepare leaders who ensure that security solutions provide a sound, effective and efficient advantage for the organization.

The program has an interdisciplinary perspective that helps in the development of leaders who can operate within the social, political, ethical and technological units of an organization. The program is designed for the technically- and managerially-oriented leader.

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