Integrated Studies

This Bachelor of Arts degree gives you knowledge in a wide breadth of subjects in the sciences and humanities — the liberal arts tradition. The program is comprised of courses that develop your skills in critical and creative thinking, and ethical reasoning.

But there’s more. You will examine diverse cultures, gain an understanding of different belief systems, and learn how to affect positive social change. Most importantly, you will make that positive difference through experiential learning opportunities built into your courses.

Keeping your options open? The Integrated Studies degree gives you a broad range of career choices. It is especially useful in the nonprofit sector, government, public relations, and communications. In addition, this major is ideal if you plan to enter graduate or professional school after completing your bachelor’s degree.

An Integrated Studies degree works well if you have started a degree in the past, but have never completed it. Often, credits from previous college course work in a variety of majors will apply toward this degree.

You will develop skills in…

  • Integrative learning: make meaningful connections between information and ideas across disciplines and transfer this knowledge to new situations.
  • Appreciation of artistic expression: study new and classical artistic works to enhance your ability to understand and analyze aesthetic themes.
  • Creative thinking: be more resourceful by learning new ways to inform your interpretation of subjective experiences and ideas.
  • Critical thinking: synthesize, analyze and evaluate complex issues 
from multiple perspectives to enhance your decision making and formulate 
better solutions.
  • Ethical reasoning: apply your values in the larger context of social challenges at local and global levels.
  • Cultural competency: become aware of how your experiences and culture shape your worldview.
  • Civic engagement: identify and participate in community activities affecting positive change in society and the world.

Benefits and features of the degree include...

  • A broad range of topics maintain your interest and stimulate your imagination throughout the program.
  • Service learning opportunities that transform your sense of social and 
civic needs.
  • Interesting career options in nearly every industry.
  • Engaging with peers and faculty across disciplines.
  • Discovering or creating new perspectives of traditional viewpoints.

Where is the Integrated Studies degree offered?
We offer adult-focused bachelor’s degrees in WichitaTopekagreater Kansas City area and online. Not all courses and programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please contact an Admissions Counselor at 316-295-5300 or for more details.

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