Music Performance Program Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to analyze harmonies, melodies and forms from Gregorian chant to 20th Century music and the student will demonstrate the ability to sight read, sight sing, harmonize and modulate using diatonic and altered chords.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to arrange preexisting music material for choral/instrumental ensembles.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of music from the Middle Ages through 20th Century and the student will demonstrate a technique of critical analysis on self-evaluation of music works.
  4. Demonstrate a performance technique that is applicable to his/her voice or instrument as stated by each applied area and the student will meet the required repertoire requirements as set forth within each applied discipline and the student will demonstrate acceptable musicianship (rhythm, tonality, expression and stage deportment) through the performing of the repertoire.
  5. Demonstrate an appreciation for performance through self-critique.
  6. Demonstrate how to correctly teach and model basic instrument/vocal techniques and the student will demonstrate an ability to analyze and use reference materials (dictionaries, recordings, computer programs) to aid in accurate interpretation, acquisition of new information and date verification.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of piano/vocal/instrumental literature appropriate for teaching in private settings.
  8. Demonstrate an ability to rehearse and conduct instrumental/vocal music from a variety of periods and styles with clarity, expressiveness, and both verbal and non-verbal communication.