Division of Natural Science and Mathematics


Division Mission
The Division of Natural Science and Mathematics will graduate high quality scientists and mathematicians who will excel in their chosen fields.


Division Majors


Major Why major? What can I do with this major?

Biology, B.S.


Because you think the world and mysteries of biological life should be explored. State parks, pharmaceutical companies, hospital labs.

Chemistry, B.S.


Because you want to discover the hidden world of chemistry and its power in our lives.  Chemist, quality control, pharmacist, environmental technician.

Field Biology, B.S.


Because you feel protecting wildlife in their natural habitats is important. Wildlife researcher, conservation agent.

Forensic Science, B.S.


  • Biology Concentration
  • Chemistry Concentration
Because the detective in you wants to examine evidence prior to and in preparation for a legal proceeding, either civil or criminal. Forensic chemist, DNA analyst, forensic toxicologist, autopsy assistant, trace evidence analyst, firearms examiner, explosives analyst, arson analyst.

Health Management, B.S.


Because health management and fitness sustains and promotes wellness. Health club manager, trainer.

Health Sciences, B.S.


Because a solid foundation is necessary to become a graduate student in one of the health professions (medicine, dentistry, therapy, pharmacy, veterinary, optometry or athletic training). Medical doctor, dentist, physician assistant, veterinarian, optometrist, physical therapist, pharmacist, athletic trainer. ( It is possible to obtain research scientist positions at pharmaceutical companies with this bachelor's degree.)

Mathematics, B.S.


  • Pre-engineering Concentration
  • Computer Science Concentration
  • Professional Mathematics Concentration
Because you want to learn the mathematical laws and principles that turn chaos into order. Mathematician, actuary, engineer, computer scientist.

Radiologic Technology, B.S.


Because you want to discover the principles of radiation in medicine. Radiological technologist

Zoo Science, B.S.


Because working with and caring for wild animals in a safe, captive setting requires knowledge and experience.
Zookeeper, zoo curator, aquarium worker, zoo educator.


Division Minors


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