Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at Friends University supports the University’s activities for accountability and continual improvement. The responsibilities of the office fall within three distinct areas of operation: Institutional Research Activities; Institutional Assessment Activities; and Collaboration, Support and Consultation for Faculty and Staff Research Activities.

Institutional Research Activities: Institutional Research Activities includes the identification, collection, coordination and dissemination of core university-wide data to meet reporting requirements of both internal and external stakeholders. The office assists with completion of required reports for agencies to which the University is accountable – such as the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accrediting body – and, in conjunction with the Director of Communication, responds to external surveys regarding institutional statistics. Additionally, the Institutional Research Activities Office examines the integrity of official institutional data to ensure accuracy and consistency in reporting and analysis, and completes internal reports of the data analysis that examine more complex aspects of the educational process, such as student retention and enrollment activities. The Institutional Research Board (IRB) Committee Review Process is managed by the office. Institutional Research Activities manages the production of the Friends University Fact Book, maintains information on the University and College Accountability Network (UCAN), and supports the Senior Leadership Data Dashboard process.

Institutional Assessment Activities: Institutional Assessment Activities supports continual improvement of programs and services of the University, including activities related to university-level and unit-level accreditation, program review, and assessment of outcomes from university-wide core curriculum through program and course-level goals. The office manages the cycle of national survey participation, including the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Adult Learner Inventory (ALI) and analyzes and disseminates the results of those surveys. Additionally, activities associated with the assessment of courses and instructors using internal surveys and the Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) are coordinated through the office.

Collaboration, Support and Consultation for Faculty and Staff Research Activities: Staff members from the Collaboration, Support and Consultation for Faculty and Staff Research Activities division of OIRA offer support and expertise in analysis, research and assessment for members of the University community. This includes assisting in the development of surveys for certain projects, participating in committees and task forces associated with research or assessment, and consulting with faculty members and administrators on internal and external professional research projects as requested and appropriate. The office assists in providing University data for use by various areas of operation in the University.