Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change Outcomes

Upon completion of the major coursework for this degree, students will demonstrate:

  1. Leadership capacity through development of self-awareness, assessment of personal leadership style, and identification of personal strengths and weaknesses, in the context of current best practices.
  2. Change capability through personal adaptability and awareness of the change process, at individual, group, organizational, community, and global levels.
  3. Teamwork through the acquisition of interpersonal competencies in managing fundamental group dynamics critical for facilitating group processes and skills in influencing and inspiring others.

Upon completion of the core courses for this degree, students will demonstrate:

  1. Civic engagement through community activities effecting positive change in society and the world.
  2. Critical thinking skills through the inquiry, analysis, and evaluation of complex problems from multiple perspectives in the decision-making process.
  3. Ethical reasoning through assessment of their own values in the larger context of social challenges at local and global levels.
  4. Cultural competency through awareness of how one’s experiences and culture shapes their worldview.