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Division Mission


The Religion and Humanities division aims to provide a rigorous, classical liberal arts education within the context of the Christian faith.  This division exists to educate students in the areas of Bible, theology, Christian history, ministry, philosophy and ethics, with the additional goal of engaging students in Christian spiritual formation, all in an attempt to help the students become more devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Division Majors


Major Why major? What can I do with this major?

Christian Spiritual Formation (Secondary Major Only)

Because you can change the world by developing your spiritual life. Our motto is: change your mind, change your heart, change the world. Serve as a minister regardless of your first major. 

Communications, B.A.

  • Journalism Concentration
  • Media Studies Concentration
  • Visual Communications (Graphics) Concentration
Because expressing yourself through effective speaking, writing or graphic design is a key to success in life.

Newspaper or magazine reporter or editor, broadcaster, news producer, photographer, camera operator, website editor, freelance writer, public relations officer, nonprofit or social media manager.

English, B.A.

  • Literature Concentration
  • Writing Concentration
To learn about the human experience as captured in the arts of fiction, poetry, and dramatic literature.Publishing, journalism, public relations, human services, teaching, sales management/training, church vocations, and graduate programs.

Religion and Philosophy, B.A.

  • Youth Ministries Concentration
  • Christian Spiritual Formation Concentration
Because if you are not satisfied with surface answers, you aspire to think and reflect about religious and philosophical convictions that influence the way we live. Teacher; various forms of ministry in the church, both lay and clergy; graduate study in various fields (seminary, human service areas); writing.

Spanish, B.A.

Because becoming fluent in Spanish allows you to participate in the growing Spanish-speaking population and global market place. Open to any field.


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