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Major Why major? What can I do with this major?

Criminal Justice, B.A.

Becuase you want to learn more about the causes of crime, law enforcement, the justice system and corrections.   State trooper, sheriff, police officer, detective, Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, criminologist, corrections officer, private security. 

History, B.A.

Because a broad understanding of people can be acquired by studying major events in history, including the impact they have on our lives. Historian for public agencies, print or broadcast media, museums, archives, teacher.

Human Services – Psychology, B.S.

Because delving into how the human mind works allows you to see how it influences our thinking, behavior and relationships.   Family counselor, group therapist, individual counselor, school counselor, business and marketing consultant.  

Human Services – Sociology, B.A.

Because learning how and why people behave the way they do can lead to understanding the root causes of social problems (e.g., poverty, discrimination, crime...).   Advocacy groups, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Housing and Urban Development, United Way, foster and adoption agencies, social service agencies, national and local nonprofit agencies. 

Political Science, B.A.

Because you want to acquire a broad understanding about the roles of governments, politics and international affairs. Activist or consultant in government agencies, teacher, politician, nonprofit organizations.

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Alumni Highlight

Ashley Bidwell graduated in May 2011 with a degree in human services/psychology. She works as a caseworker for Mental Health, an affiliate of COMCARE. Bidwell is a children’s attendant care, providing services for children with severe emotional disturbances. “It takes a lot of patience because some of your kids are very challenging,” she said.