Teaching Program Outcomes/Courses

Students will:

  1. Plan and prepare appropriate learning experiences for a diverse student population.
  2. Implement appropriate classroom assessment.
  3. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity through effective use of technology.
  4. Design and implement an action research project.

The quality of the program will be evaluated by assessing:

  1. Demonstration of positive impact of graduates on P‐12 student learning.
  2. Demonstration of skill in classroom instruction.
  3. Documented satisfaction of graduates with the relevance and effectiveness of their preparation.

Program Courses

21st Century Learner
Examines current research related to student learning. Focuses on research-based teaching practices addressing the needs of all students and demonstration of professional dispositions.
3 credit hours

Action Research for Teachers
Focuses on design and implementation of an action research project incorporating appropriate adaptations to meet students’ diverse cognitive and social needs.
3 credit hours

Technology for Educators
Focuses on design, development, and implementation of technology-based instruction to enhance student learning. Course portfolio will illustrate.
3 credit hours

Assessment for Learning
Focuses on the development of skills in using assessment information to make appropriate educational decisions for learning. Included are the examination of assessment as a multifaceted process and utilization of formative and summative assessment strategies to guide classroom instruction and promote effective student learning.
3 credit hours

Advanced Curriculum Design
Focuses on designing and evaluating aligned curricula that will use multiple learning and assessment methods. Emphasis on adaptation to meet the needs of ESOL and inclusion students.
3 credit hours

Teacher Leadership
Focuses on encouragement of the teacher as researcher and leader in collaboration with community and school personnel to effect positive systematic change.
3 credit hours

Core hours=18
Graduate workshop hours=12
Total hours required for degree=30