The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is offered in these locations and online:

Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

Friends University's well-recognized teacher workshops are now included in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. The recently revised program blends six online core classes and 12 Friends University workshops to complete the 30-hour program.

The new MAT includes a revised, cutting-edge core focused on the common core, learning, performance and assessment. Beyond the core, you will select 12 workshops from more than 100 potential choices to fully customize the remainder of the program of study.

Choosing to enroll in Friends University’s MAT program will open to you a world of educational and professional experiences and opportunities, including one workshop that occurs in London as part of the program.

An additional aspect that makes Friends University unique is the relationship between the students and the faculty. The faculty are truly committed to students, teaching, and scholarship, and they possess a vast number of years of public school teaching experience. We recognize that our primary mission is to encourage our graduate students to excel as teachers who are highly effective professionals for today's and tomorrow's P-12 students.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program at Friends University focuses on the practical application of classroom learning-teaching skills, utilizing the best of theory and practice. Each student, with a faculty advisor, designs an individualized plan for a research study that is targeted, relevant and immediately applicable. Most courses are offered in eight-week time frames with two formats: hybrid and online.

Welcome from the Program Director


Face-to-Face Education

Come to the Friends University campus one evening a week and meet with fellow students in your cohort group and your professor.

Hybrid Education

Meet together with your fellow students and your professor one Saturday a month while completing the remainder of the Master's in Teaching degree online.

Online Education

Complete your MAT degree anywhere you can access the Internet, meeting with your fellow students and your professor virtually.

Need more information? Request information about the Master's in Teaching degree at Friends University. You can also contact Jessie Anderson, Graduate Admissions Program Representative, at 316-295-5540 or jessie_anderson@friends.edu.

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