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Student travel opportunities, including study abroad, are an important aspect of the academic and co-curricular environment at any college. Friends University’s unique travel opportunities are not just tourism but real academic and cultural-immersion experiences. Moreover, the University tries to tie the experiences with local business and government.

One example of a highly popular, long-standing study abroad course is the La Salle University language immersion course in Cancun, México. This course was developed by Dr. Jerry Smartt, professor of Spanish and immediate past president of the Kansas State Foreign Language Association. Wichita and Cancun, México, became Sister City cultural and economic partners through the efforts of Dr. Smartt and Friends University many years ago working in collaboration with the City of Wichita. Wichita has also adopted other Sister Cities, including Orleans, France and Kaifeng, China. Both are places where Friends professors have also had extensive engagements. Study abroad is both serious and fun at Friends … and life-changing. Just ask the participants! 

Come and study with Friends University — the world is beckoning!

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Accra, Ghana
Master of Science in Organization Development: International Organization Development (ORGD 655)
The Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program includes one week-long short-term study abroad to give students skills to understand and be able to function as OD practitioners in international settings. Students will work with resident Accra organizations to apply organization development toools and methods while serving in teams of OD consultants. Students will learn about the role and impact of the OD practitioner in cross-cultural settings. Students will participate in field-based action research projects in partnership with Ghanian organizations to design and conduct on-ground projects including data collection, analysis, feedback, and reporting of results. Students will travel between July 13-21, 2013.

For more information regarding this program, please contact Dr. Jim Maddox, MSOD Program Director, at 316-295-5639 or

This is a for-credit course within the MSOD program.

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Master of Global Leadership and Management: Global Leadership Management (MGMT 691)
The Master of Global Leadership and Management (MGLM) program includes a week-long business residency in a foreign country. In July 2013, students will participate in business meetings and round table discussions with leading Chinese executives. The goal of business residency abroad is to provide an opportunity for the graduating class to benchmark their academic knowledge of international business against business practices in a foreign country. MGLM students will travel to Beijing, China July 19-27.

For more information regarding this program, please contact Dr. Valentina Chappell, MGLM Program Director, at 316-295-5855 or

Please visit our blog starting July 19, 2013.

This is a for-credit course within the MGLM program.

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Jazz Ensemble 1 (MUSP 122A)

The Friends University Jazz Ensemble will be traveling to Cuba to perform as a part of the 28th Havana International Jazz Festival, Dec. 20-24, 2012, organized by Chucho Valdes, a 7-time Grammy music winner. The Friends group was the only college jazz ensemble from the US invited to perform this year. The students will have the opportunity to perform three different times and will get to experience the art, culture, people and atmosphere of Cuba for five days and nights. Nineteen students will participate in this “life-changing” trip, and for many, it will be their first international travel experience. 

For more information regarding this trip, contact Lisa Hittle at 316-295-5616 or 

This is a for-credit course.

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Bad Schwalbach
Study Abroad: Opera Workshop (MUSP 155A)
Dr. Paul Smith will be leading students on a trip to Germany during June-July, 2013, where 15 to 20 students, alumni or visiting students will be able to take part in Opera Classica Europa’s 2013 opera season. The participants will perform as part of the chorus in staged and concert performances of opera as well as in other opportunities for student performances. The primary purpose or educational outcome is to experience participation in an opera workshop which will allow the students the chance to learn and perform operatic works from operas such as Nabucco, Aida, Magic Flute, and Rigoletto. Students will also gain valuable performance experience, receive instruction through master classes and private lessons from internationally-known artists, and gain a broader cultural experience by being in historic German venues. Students will experience how music, including opera, is an integral part of German culture and will work with people from other countries and cultural backgrounds.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Smith at 316-295-5565 or 

This is a for-credit course.

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Study Abroad: Health Sciences (GNST 300)
Read blog posts from faculty and students

From May 13-27, 2013, students will travel to Cancún, México to complete a service learning experience at local care institutions. Students will complete their service practicum during the mornings at local institutions for the care of the elderly and disabled children; the afternoons will be spent at La Salle University in special sessions for discussing and processing their experiences. During the weekends, cultural activities such as visiting a Mayan village, climbing Ek Balam pyramid and swimming in a cenote are planned. To participate in this study abroad program for students in the Health Science program, they must have sophomore status and have completed (1) Cellular and Molecular Biology with a C or better and (2) at least one year of coursework at Friends University, or by instructor consent. During the spring 2013 semester, ten students in the Health Science program will complete a required beginner's course in medical Spanish that will include some of the current cultural issues in México. 

Contact Dr. Karyn Turla at 316-295-5545 or for details.  

This is a for-credit course.

Study Abroad: Advanced Conversation and Spanish American Literature and Culture (SPAN 498)
From May 30-June 27, 2013, students will study the Spanish language, Mexican history and Mayan culture at La Salle University, Cancún while living with a host family. The total cost for this course is $2,600, which includes six credit hours through Friends University, an oral proficiency posttest exam, international student insurance, room and board with Mexican families, transportation to and from classes at La Salle University, and transportation and entrance fees to Mayan historical sites. The price does not include round-trip airfare ($750 estimate), personal transportation in Cancún, spending money or a passport.

For more information, contact Jerry Smartt at 316-295-5564 –

This is a for-credit course.

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South America

Santiago, Chile

Master of Global Leadership and Management: Chile Residency (MGMT 691)
Read blog posts from faculty and students
The Master of Global Leadership and Management (MGLM) program includes a week-long business residency in a foreign country as part of its final course Special Project. Students from the MGLM program will travel to Santiago, Chile in January, 2013 to visit about 10 companies. They will tour the companies, hear lectures and participate in round table discussions. While in Chile in the summer of 2012, MGLM students posted images and stories online. The blog connected students, alumni and friends as they traveled through Chile. Click here to view their entries.

For more information regarding this program, please contact Dr. Valentina Chappell, MGLM Program Director, at 316-295-5855 or  

This is a for-credit course within the MGLM program.

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United Kingdom

London, England
Studies Abroad Workshop: Great Britain (GNST 498)
Friends University students, faculty and others will have the opportunity to study in London June 12-25, 2013. This course is designed to provide students of Friends University the opportunity to experience overseas travel while fulfilling their general education requirement for a world culture credit.

GNST 498 is a course in the General Education curriculum that meets the World Culture requirement for graduation. The course is designed to expand your cultural experiences while teaching you to how to travel with purpose. By participating in the class, you will learn about the history, culture, religions, government and economic philosophies of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The culmination of GNST 498 is a fourteen day visit to one of the world’s truly great cities – London! We stay in comfortable, secure flats in the heart of London within easy walking distance of great restaurants, tube (subway) and rail stations, eclectic shopping, world renowned theatres and historic museums and landmarks. As a member of the GNST 498 class, you will also be able to personalize your itinerary to your tastes and desires. 

This course is coordinated so that it will coincide with the Graduate (HIST 610) STUDIES ABROAD: GREAT BRITAIN course.

For more information about the London study-abroad trip, contact Arlen Honts at 316-295-5526 or 

This is a for-credit course.

London, England
Studies Abroad: Great Britain (HIST 610)
This course is designed so that it will coincide with the undergraduate (GNST 498) Great Britain Studies Abroad course. Travel dates are June 12-25, 2013. The estimated cost of the trip is $3,000.

For more information, contact Dr. Stan Harstine at 

This is a for-credit course.

London, England
Master of Arts in Teaching:  International Perspectives in Education (TEAC 565)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduate students will learn about the United Kingdom's educational history and current practices through school visits and lectures at the university and the Department for Education. In addition, each participant will plan and execute a travel experience designed to enhance their knowledge of the United Kingdom's history, geography, arts, literature, culture and religion. Travel dates are scheduled for July, 2013. 

For more information about the MAT program, contact Dr. Dona Gibson at 

This is a for-credit course within the MAT program.

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United States

Atlanta, Georgia
Friends University Jazz Vocal Ensemble to Attend Atlanta Conference
The Friends University Jazz Vocal Ensemble was selected by audition to attend the Jazz Education Network conference in Atlanta from January 3-5, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency at Peachtree Center in Atlanta. This is the first time any Friends jazz group, instrumental or vocal, has been invited to a national jazz conference. The Jazz Vocal Ensemble will give a 50-minute performance at 1 p.m. January 5.

The Jazz Vocal Ensemble is one of four choral ensembles at the University and is part of a comprehensive vocal program which includes music theatre and opera productions, choral-orchestral masterworks and national and international tours. The Jazz Vocal Ensemble performs a wide range of vocal jazz literature, both sacred and secular, and is available for performances for schools, churches and civic organizations. The Jazz Vocal Ensemble is directed by Craig Curry.

For more information about this trip, please contact Craig Curry at

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Urban Internship II (PSYC 494M)
Students who participate in the Chicago Urban Internship May 13-20, 2013, will learn to observe and analyze a city to understand better the mission role of the church in the city; to learn the perspective of people and groups who lack wealth, status and power; to examine discrimination and other injustices; and to utilize a large city as the "classroom" for this study. They will learn to identify and evaluate several models of urban ministry (particularly the development of such a ministry), learn approaches and methods for observation and analyze city life. They will develop critical thinking on justice issues in an inner city as well as an urban setting, and analyze the injustices of the city through the eyes of the poor, helpless and minorities.

Students will visit 15 -20 agencies or programs and go on walking tours of 8-10 diverse neighborhoods. There are two volunteer projects built into the week and some time spent enjoying the city. Students stay in a youth hostel in Lincoln Park (near DePaul University) and do all their traveling on public transportation (bus and train).

For more information, contact Bill Allan at 316-295-5891 or

This is a for-credit course.

Orlando, Florida
Give Kids the World Village

2013 marks the 7th year for Friends University to travel to the Give Kids the World Village as part of a week-long service project, May 25-June 1. Ten students will spend the week working, serving in the café and helping visiting families in any way they can. There are a rotating number of 175 families at Give Kids the World all the time. These families come for seven days to bring their “wish child” to see Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and South Florida. Students work from 7:30 a.m.-noon and then from 4:30-10 p.m. serving the needs of these visiting families. For more information, please check out to get a full picture of the organization’s mission.  

For more information, contact Bill Allan at 316-295-5891 or

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