Alumni Art Show

Dates are in the process of being set for the third annual Alumni Art Show, and more information will be provided in the summer of 2011. If you have any questions, please click here to contact the Alumni Office.

2010 Alumni Art Show Participants (Sept. 24 to Oct. 22, 2010):
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  • Adam Achey, G'07
  • Mary (McEntire) Blankinship, G'66
  • Kathy (Flippo) Brown, G'79
  • Janice (Keffer) Buerki, G’80
  • Lauren Fitzgerald, G'07
  • Terri (Carter) Fleming, G'70
  • Lance Henne, G'06
  • Hope (Clark) Just, G'70
  • Aaron Krone, G'07
  • Ryan Krone, G'01
  • Shawny (Jaeckel) Montgomery, G'91
  • Dustin Parker, G'03
  • Patricia (Moore) Ringgenberg, G’80
  • Erin Wolfe, G’07
  • Jonathon Wood, G’04
  • Shirley (Denton) Yonce, G’60

Mary (McEntire) Blankinship, G'66
(Left to right) "Sunflower Attraction" and "A Restful Place"

Kathy (Flippo) Brown, G'79
"Butterfly Girl"

Janice (Keffer) Buerki, G’80
"Blue Stencil Weaving"

Terri Fleming, G'70
"Discovering the Stream"

Hope (Clark) Just, G'70
"Daniel's Work of Art"

Patricia (Moore) Ringgenberg, G’80
(Left to right) "Golden Garbo" and "White Hot Jean"

Shirley (Denton) Yonce, G’60
"Thanksgiving Fast Approaching, Where Can I Hide"


2009 Alumni Art Show Participants (Sept. 25 to Oct. 23, 2009):

  • Karyl (Lupton) Barbosa, G’69
  • Janice (Keffer) Buerki, G’80
  • William Burr, G’85
  • Lauren Fitzgerald, G’07
  • David Fonseca, M’99
  • Lydia (Bowman Lewis) Gates, G’03
  • Craig Godderz, G’93
  • Donna (Broeckelman) Gonzalez, G’93
  • Sean Granger, G’92
  • Ryan Krone, G’00
  • Grace Langness, G’09
  • Shawny (Jaeckel) Montgomery, G’91
  • LaChrystal Ricke Radcliffe, G’03
  • Patricia (Moore) Ringgenberg, G’80
  • Ryan Todd, G’03
  • Debra (Knauff) Weaver, G’81
  • Krista Wilder, G’07
  • Erin Wolfe, G’07
  • Jonathon Wood, G’04
  • Shirley (Denton) Yonce, G’60