Art Challenge 2015 Challenges and Presenters


The art challenges are hands-on competitions that will take place throughout the morning of the event. Students must register for the art challenges in advance so that adequate materials will be available. The number of students allowed per challenge, per school, is limited in order to provide a quality, rewarding experience for everyone (see attached Art Challenge Registration form).

Art Masterpiece Chalk Mural Challenge: Each school team will have the opportunity to create an image (maximum size 3-foot by 5-foot) of an art history idea with a modern interpretation. Teams will be made up of three to five students. Participants may bring a sketch of the planned mural and art reproductions of the original artwork. Media used will be chalk on brown craft paper. LIMIT: This event will be limited to 3 teams per school. Evaluation criteria: Easily identifiable as an artwork from the past; image is updated to contemporary images, ideas or thought. (Reference: See the updated examples of Grant Wood's American Gothic.) Duration: Session one and two.

3-by-3 Throwing Challenge: Participants will have three minutes and 3 pounds of clay to create a wheel piece. Evaluation criteria: Even thickness of clay body, symmetrical profile, interesting shape. (Best of two throwing sessions) Duration: Session one.

Tallest Cylinder Challenge: Participants will have 3 pounds of clay and five minutes to throw a cylinder, the taller the better. Evaluation criteria: Tallest standing cylinder (must be opened as a cylinder). (Best of two throwing sessions) Duration: Session two.

Wire Sculpture Challenge: Participants will create wire sculpture images by bending and shaping wire. The content will be assigned at the beginning of the challenge. Evaluation criteria: Strongly resembles the object depicted; made of one continuous line of wire. (Reference: Alexander Calder's circus figures) Duration: Session one.

Covered Wire Armature: Participants will create a sculpture form using a wire coat hanger that is covered with nylon material and placed on a wood base. Evaluation criteria: Interesting from 360 degrees; Composition is interesting to look at through the successful use of compositional elements and principles. Duration: Session one.

Altered Cube Illusion: Participants will create the illusion of a carved relief cube by altering a cube form with value and color using paint or drawing materials. Evaluation criteria: Value and/or color are used to create the illusion of a carved relief. Composition is interesting to look at through the successful use of compositional elements and principles. Duration: Session two.

Ad Layout Computer Challenge: Students will be provided graphics and text to build a layout for an ad using any of the following programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Word. Students will be given 55 minutes to construct the ad using the design principles to build visual hierarchy. Evaluation criteria: Size, placement and boldness of text establishes a visual hierarchy. Arrangement of text and graphics demonstrates successful use of compositional elements and principles. Duration: Session one or two.

Quick Draw Challenge: Participants will draw 5 gesture drawings from a model in 10 minutes. Using one of these as a reference, the participants will have the rest of the session in which to elaborate upon the image, which might include a setting, details, etc. Participants will have a choice of drawing media. Evaluation criteria: Complete image developed from the initial pose. Composition is interesting to look at through the successful use of compositional elements and principles. Duration: Session two.

Theme Mural Challenge: Teams will be given a theme for their mural at the beginning of the competition. Teams will be made up of three to five students. Team members will draw portions of the mural. Media: Colored chalk. Evaluation criteria: Most organized composition; separate parts fit together as a cohesive whole. Duration: Session one or two.

Drawn Logo Design Challenge: Given a prompt at the beginning of the challenge, individual participants will draw a logo to meet specific content. Using a brainstorming process, participants will design 9 sketches, then select the best option and draw it with care as a final design. Media: pencil. Evaluation Criteria: Originality (not a typical response), Craftsmanship (carefully drawn) Content: (includes the required details)


Juried Art Competition/Exhibit

This competitive exhibition is designed to recognize artistic talent at the senior high level (grades 9-12) within the state of Kansas. The following prizes will be awarded for the art exhibit: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the following categories of each media area:

  • Painting Media: Acrylic, Oil
  • Wet Media: Watercolor, Ink Wash
  • Drawing: Pencil, Charcoal
  • Line Drawing: Pen and Ink, Scratch Board
  • Dry Color media: Pastel, Color Pencil
  • Sculpture: Relief, Freestanding, Assemblage
  • Photography: Analog, Digital
  • Ceramics: Wheel thrown
  • Ceramics: Hand built
  • Printmaking: Monoprint, Relief, Silkscreen, intaglio
  • Digital Art
  • Mixed Media
  • Package Design
  • Logo Design
  • Bookmaking
  • Digital Illustration
  • Best of Show


Display: Display panels for 2-D work and tables for 3-Dimensional work will be available. All work will be displayed according to media groups. Individual schools will no longer display their schools work together.



Jonathan Wood
Independent Creative Practitioner. I make stuff. Living and working in the Wichita, Jonathan lends his unique creative style to gorgeous and efficient designs. From Art Direction, logos and illustrations, to hand-printed paper ephemera and the occasional custom motorcycle, Jonathan lives and breathes design.

Dustin Parker

Dustin parker was born to create and destroy. Parker has always been an artist. As an Infant, a box of crayons ignited his passion for creating art and that fire continues to burn in his veins. As a child, He drew robots and dinosaurs on his spelling tests and illustrated his own comic books. As an adult, Parker is an accomplished painter, graphic designer and digital illustrator. In 2003, Parker graduated from Friends University with a B.A. in Art and has since earned his bread and butter as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Since 2000, Parker has participated in over 60 group exhibitions and 10 solo exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan. Parker's work has been featured in numerous online and printed publications including, Logo lounge, Look Look, Head Magazine, Explore Create Repeat, Blanket Magazine, Moloko Plus, The Wichita Eagle, Cru-A, and F5.

Parker is also the creator and editor of Proteus Mag, an art and design blog.

Jenny Venn

Jenny Venn is a designer, maker, blogger, and educator who lives, loves and creates for Joy! from her *heart*land, Wichita, Kansas.

After graduating with a BFA and MFA from Fort Hays State University in 2007, Jenny packed up her bags and headed west to develop and maintain the graphic design program at the University of Wyoming.

After six transformative years living at 7200 feet, much personal and professional development, exhibiting, publishing, and flocks of birdies leaving the nest, the Universe spoke loud and clear. The time had come to move onward and upward transplanting Jenny back Home in the summer of 2013.

When not found dancing around her studio covered in glitter, Jenny is busy educating the next amazing troupe of impassioned designers at Fort Hays State, Friends, and Wichita State University.

Jenny’s energy, Gift, and some might say Purpose remains centered on design for social change through the lens of healing with fulcrums including: all things Woman, body-image, personal growth and development, transformation and survivorship.

Connie Ernatt

Has a BFA in Sculpture from Wichita State University. She completed Graduate School at the University of North Texas. She has been a full-time professional artist for the last fifteen years, primarily working in bronze. She creates large-scale public art, private commissions, and her own personal artwork. She has exhibits locally at the Sedgwick County Zoo, Botanica, and at Wichita's new Law Enforcement Memorial, as well as many other local and national locations.


PRESENTER – Curtis Clonts

Session One 9-10:15 a.m.
Curtis Clonts – The Creative Process

Session Two 10:30-11:45 a.m.
Curtis Clonts – The Creative Process