Rain Storm by Jacqueline Roberson

Cascading droplets of cool,

The soft falling of wetness,

Facing the darkness as the sky,

Becomes cooler.


The slow drops become harder,

Coldness seeps through the body.

Puddles overfilling,

The sky becomes midnight.


Light streaks across the blackness,

A loud roaring sound in ears.

The once gentle drops,

Pounding down on everything.


The gentle giant moves into ice,

Pounding down.

Another streak of light,

Another loud roar echoes.


The ice turns into diamonds,

Flowers sparkle from the weight.

People cower inside.

Another streak,

Another roar vibrates.


The sky as black as a night with no moon,

The light becoming like a strobe light,

reliable, but not.

Another streak,

Another roar crashes.


Finally the ice stops,

Finally the cool drops,

Finally less streaks,

Finally less roars.


The sky becomes less dark,

Water drops down,

A coolness,

A light splash on the ground

Wild at Heart by Sarah Burnett


If you are going to poke a bear,

I suggest do not do it or take care

For bears can gut you with one swipe

And they will do it without any gripe.


So you want to wrestle with a crocodile?

I guess I will call 911 in a while

Since they have sharp teeth and powerful jaws

To bite off hands, fingers, and toes without pause.


If you think that lion is cuddly and cute

I am just going to sit over here and play my lute

To mask your shrill screams and fearful cries

As the fluffy kitty tears up your chest and rips your eyes.


So you want to keep a chimpanzee as a pet?

Then I say you better get your will set

Because chimps have the strength to break your bones

And will enjoy it all while listening to your moans.


When these animals are housed in a zoo,

Many people think they should be able to touch them too.

Yet they should remember before they depart

That these animals are not tamed but wild at heart.

Arrow by Autumn Barrett


swift and true,

searing oxygen particles in the air.
















It strikes. Quivering.


 A testament

to diligence and


Springing Time–Anna Hetherington

Sunlight through scintillating, vacillating leaves

Projects a fluttering sea-top on thin neon grass

Jutting from dark dirt and soggy aftermath of winter.

Here even shadows squirm with new life:

Lines, patterns, and rhythms dance between fences,

Around pebbles and boulders, through layered petals.

Dynamic contrast fills the springing time.

Colorful shapes blossom and burst

With velvety smells and smooth sounds.

Dry and brittle bark now bending branches.

This must be Spring.

Art by Ana De La Cruz Jeronimo

  • Ana De La Cruz Jeronimo

Art by Chelsea Declue

  • Chelsea Declue

Literary Sentence of the Week

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” –Richard Steele

Literary Sentence of the Week

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” –J. R. R. Tolkien

Bread of Life Announcement by Graeham Jarvis

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Literary Sentence of the Week

“A dream is a poem the body writes.” –Sandra Cisneros, Caramelo