Friends University Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Dr. John Lewis, DDS
President & Partner
Wichita Dental Group, PA

Dr. Denis Knight, Vice Chair
Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, LLC

Mr. Duane Hansen, Secretary

Dr. Cliffton Loesch, Treasurer

University Friends Meeting
Presiding Clerk
Friends United Meeting

Mrs. Pam Chambers
Great Bend Regional Hospital

Mrs. Ardith Dunn
USD 507


  • Mr. Michael Bankston
  • Mr. Craig Bay
  • Mrs. Marilyn Brown, LCMFT
  • Mr. Dave Depew
  • Mrs. Kim Dugger Attwater
  • Mrs. Lynn Ghormley
  • Mrs. Leatha Hein
  • Dr. Jace Hyder
  • Dr. Kevin Hoppock
  • Mrs. Jana Mullen
  • Mr. Edwin Roberts


The Friends University Board of Trustees is vested with ultimate authority for the general, academic and financial policy-making functions for Friends University. Trustees are responsible for the University’s financial health and welfare and exercise their institutional authority in a fiduciary capacity. The board is responsible for selecting the president, reviews and approves major changes to the academic programs, and determines institutional policies bearing on faculty appointment, tenure, and promotion. Trustees are responsible for monitoring the financial condition of the University, ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place and functioning for the institution’s assets, investments, and physical plants. As such, the board approves the annual budget, including tuition and fees. Through its bylaws, the Board of Trustees is responsible for other fiduciary duties and works closely with the president, who is charged with the day-to-day administration of the University.

Composition and Quaker Heritage
The Board of Trustees consists of 17 members and one trustee emeritus. As a nondenominational educational institution, our Quaker roots remain important in carrying out the University’s mission. The board is committed to preserving and respecting this heritage and endeavors to have at least one-fourth of the board “composed of persons who are affiliated with or have a background in the Christian and Quaker tradition of the Society of Friends.” Currently, 47 percent of the board – which includes Dr. Cliff Loesch, pastor of University Friends Meeting and presiding clerk of Friends United Meeting – meets this objective.

Institutional Integrity
Board members, officers and employees of Friends University serve the greater good of the University and have a clear obligation to fulfill their responsibilities in a manner consistent with this fact. Institutional integrity and disclosure are critical to ensuring that all fulfill their role in a fiduciary capacity – in the best interests of Friends University. The board has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy and other policies that are applicable to all trustees and university officers. Additionally, through designated board committees, the board regularly reviews these policies to ensure compliance.

Dr. John Lewis, chair of the Friends University Board of Trustees, welcomes your questions or comments. Contact or 316-295-5888.