College of Adult & Professional Studies Cost Sheet

Many adult students and their families make assumptions about the cost of a private education.  But a private education can be more affordable than you think and is often a better value for adult students.

Start as soon as you want. Finish as fast as you can.

You can set your own pace for your degree. Classes start every eight weeks.  You can choose to attend one on-campus class one night a week or double up with two classes two nights a week.  You can take a combination of on-campus and online courses.  You can even sit out for an eight-week session if needed.  By completing your degree sooner, you can limit the amount of your student debt.

Prior learning credits may reduce the cost of a degree.
Students may be able to receive college credit for professional and technical credits they have completed through their jobs and other activities. This credit can shorten the time and cost to complete your degree.

Financial Aid can help you sort out your options.
Our Financial Aid Office provides personalized, customer-service-focused assistance to sort out your financial aid options and guide you through the financial aid process. Many adult students take advantage of employer tuition reimbursement, student loans and payment plan options.

We offer support, encouragement and extra attention for adult students.
Our faculty are used to working with adult students who may have concerns about entering a college classroom for the first time or returning after a number of years. Smaller classes mean faculty can give you more time and attention to grasp difficult concepts. You can ask more questions and engage in classroom discussions based on real-life work experiences.

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College of Adult and Professional Studies costs.