Disciplinary Education

Friends University Residential Disciplinary Education

All communities develop standards of conduct to help achieve a positive living environment. The residence hall is no exception. The following principles apply to all residents:

  1. Respect the physical and emotional rights of fellow residents, whatever their race, sex, religion, or national origin.
  2. Respect the educational mission of the University, helping to maintain an environment conducive to academic achievement.
  3. Exercise care and consideration when using University facilities.
  4. Be concerned with your own personal development and purpose for residing in this community.
  5. Accept responsibility for your behavior and that of your guest(s) at all times.

Discipline is viewed by the Department of Community and Residential Development as an acceptance of one's responsibility within a community with respect for the rights of others, and as an educational means of correcting inappropriate behavior. Students can expect fairness and due process from Community and Residential Development staff in addressing alleged violations of the Residence Policies and Terms. Failure to comply with the terms of a Community and Residential Development sanction will be considered as a further violation of standards and may result in additional, extended or more severe sanctions.

For more information on the Friends University Disciplinary process please see the Friends University Handbook.