Loan Resources

Steps for Obtaining Loans


Federal Direct Loans:
After completing the FAFSA, providing all needed documents to the university to be awarded, and receiving a notification of award from the Financial Aid Office:

Step 1. Complete Entrance Interview Counseling. (This will open in a new window. Please return to this page after completing entrance counseling.)

Step 2. Complete eMPN. Sign in under the "Manage My Direct Loan" then select "Sign Master Promissory Note."

Private Loan:
Friends University recommends using private student loans only as a last resort, all efforts should be made to find alternative funding before using a private loan. Please contact a Friends University financial aid representative prior to seeking a private loan. 

Step 1. Complete Alternative Loan Application.


(If applying for a Federal Direct PLUS Loan)

Step 1. Complete Parent Loan pre-approval/eMPN. Sign in under the "Manage My Direct Loan" then select "Complete PLUS Request Process." (A credit check will be initiated.)

Step 2. Complete and return Parent Loan Request Form to Friends University:

Financial Aid Office
Friends University
2100 W. University Ave.
Wichita, KS 67213

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Student Loan Code of Conduct