Housing Options

Ask anyone you know about their college memories, and they might mention the professor with the quirky habits or lessons learned from lectures. But most likely you will hear about activities they participated in, people they met and friendships they made. We invite you to make your own memories at Friends University.

Friends University promotes becoming part of a community. We are committed to supporting a community that fosters academic success as well as social, emotional and spiritual development. The friendships you make while living on campus will serve as a lifelong reminder of your college experience. The University supports an atmosphere of diverse individuals who live together in harmony while respecting differences and celebrating similarities.

Community and Residential Development staff take a sincere interest in your personal growth and development. We offer student-oriented services to meet your needs. We place a high priority on treating students as individuals. Friends University housing options are very competitive in price and quality compared to area apartment complexes. Living on campus becomes your best housing value after factoring in time saved in food preparation and transportation!

Click below to learn more about the housing options available at Friends University:

  • Green Residence Hall: (710 S. Saint Clair St.) Freshmen and students with fewer than 28 earned credit hours; 32 three-bedroom suites with up to six students per suite. $1775 per person per semester.
  • Falcon Flats: (712 S. Saint Clair St.) Sophomores or higher; 8 one-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments. $2750-$3295 per person per semester.
  • Friends Village: (628 S. Hiram St.) Sophomores or higher; three studio apartments, 20 one-bedroom apartments, 23 two-bedroom apartments. $2750-$3295 per semester per person.
  • J.R. and Gertrude Smith Apartments: (644 S. Hiram St.) Sophomores or higher; 4 studio apartments, 16 one-bedroom apartments, 30 two-bedroom apartments. $2750-$3295 per person per semester.
  • Falcon Glenn: (507 S. Glenn St.) Sophomores or higher; 24 two-bedroom furnished apartments. $2885 per person per semester.
  • Houses: Sophomores or higher; 4 one-bedrooms, 6 three-bedrooms, 2 service-learning houses. Maximum occupancies are specific to each house. $2120-$3540 per person per semester.