How We Live it Out

Cornerstone: A worship gathering at 7 p.m. Thursdays at University Friends Church.


  • Journey to Breathe: A retreat that teaches us that our worth is not found in what we do or produce and that by slowing down, we affirm that God provides what we need.
  • Journey to Freedom: A retreat centered on realizing that living life as a child of God can free us from fear, worry and bondage and instead, give us joy, peace and freedom.

Spring Break Mission Trip: A relationally-focused mission trip to Houston, Texas to serve families in the inner city.

Service Projects

  • Thanksgiving Giveaway Bread of Life: This local organization provides groceries for families in need and has a special giveaway at Thanksgiving that Friends University students are invited to participate in.
  • Joy Box: This box appears at Cornerstone each week and is a place where the Cornerstone community may give monetary gifts. All money in this box goes out to organizations that the Cornerstone community chooses to support.
  • Compassion International: Through this organization, the Cornerstone community currently sponsors two children from Uganda and one from the Philippines.
  • Encouragement Box: Housed in the Campus Ministries lounge, this box serves as a place where students may write and send encouraging notes to others in this campus community.