Curricular Practical Training or Internships

The International Advising Office recognizes curricular practical training, as defined by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as an important option for international students at Friends University.

Curricular practical training (CPT) is a type of temporary employment for a student in F-1 status. Before an undergraduate can apply for CPT, he or she needs to be enrolled full-time for one full academic year. In certain circumstances, graduate students may start CPT before meeting the one year requirement. The employment opportunity must be directly related to the student’s academic program and major (e.g., an internship) and is only available prior to the completion of the degree.

The International Advising Office requires two forms of documentation before CPT can be approved. A faculty advisor's letter of recommendation is needed to verify the work is relevant and vital to the student's education. Also, the employer must submit a letter of recommendation outlining the aspects of the position and how it relates to the student's academic program.

It is important to remember that institutions with established Cooperative Education Programs may follow different processes for documentation.

The International Advising Office wants all students to be successful and learn through opportunities in and out of the classroom. We are also committed to assisting students in following the guidelines set forth by USCIS.