Life at Friends

Life at Friends University is all about perspective. Our students approach our campus from many perspectives: the athlete, the ballerina, the future missionary, the potential doctor, the undecided student who sees a world of possibilities, the stay-at-home mom who wants to return to the workforce, the 18-year-old freshman, the full-time worker, and a myriad of other life situations.

What’s your perspective?

Whatever the answer to that question, Friends University can help you find your place in our community. Not only do we offer everything a student needs to succeed, we also provide services to fuel each person’s mind, body and spirit. From athletic events to Campus Ministries’ community outreach programs, the University works to better each student in and out of the classroom.

To learn more about the culture and traditions of Friends University, visit our traditions page to read more about life here at Friends!

Current Student

"The community [makes Friends University a great choice] because it is easy to get involved, serve others, learn, make friends, receive an education and enjoy college life."

Junior Courtney Pitts