College Majors at Friends University


College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education Majors

Friends University is a liberal arts institution providing more than 40 majors in our traditional college. Many of our faculty in the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education have Ph.D.s and oversee the curriculum within each major to keep it relevant and enticing for student learning. Since we are a teaching institution, our faculty members not only perform research, but also have great passion for their area of discipline, which makes them excellent teachers.

Business and Information Technology


Business Administration

  • Management Concentration
  • Operations Management Concentration

Computer Science and Information Systems


International Business

Management Information Systems




Art Education

Business Education

Elementary Education

English Language Arts Education

Math Education

Music Education

Physical Education

Physical Education Teacher Education

Psychology Endorsement

Spanish Education

Speech/Theatre Education


Fine Arts


  • Computer Graphics Concentration
  • Graphic Design Concentration
  • Studio Concentration



Music Performance

  • Instrumental Jazz Performance Concentration
  • Instrumental Performance Concentration
  • Piano Performance Concentration
  • Vocal Performance Concentration


Natural Science and Mathematics


  • Field Biology Concentration


  • Forensic Science Concentration

Health Management

Health Sciences


  • Pre-engineering Concentration
  • Computer Science Concentration
  • Professional Mathematics Concentration

Radiologic Technology

Zoo Science


Religion and Humanities

Christian Spiritual Formation (2nd Major Only)


  • Literature Concentration
  • Writing Concentration

Religion and Philosophy

  • Youth Ministries Concentration
  • Christian Spiritual Formation Concentration



Social and Behavioral Sciences

Criminal Justice


Human Services — Psychology

Human Services — Sociology

Political Science




  • Journalism Concentration
  • Media Studies Concentration
  • Visual Communications (Graphics) Concentration



In addition to choosing a major, Friends University students also have the option of picking a minor to complement their studies.

According to the catalog: "Optional minors consist of a minimum of 18 hours with 'C' or above grades in all courses applied to the minor. Specific minor programs proposed by divisions are approved by the faculty. Recognition of minors cannot be added to the student transcript after the initial degree is awarded."

The following minors are available within the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education:


Business and Information Technology




Fine Arts




Natural Science and Mathematics


Religion and Humanities


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Need more information? Request information now to learn more about the minor programs available at Friends University. You can also contact the Admissions Office at 316-295-5100 or

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