Friends University Prepares for H1N1 Virus

News Date: 
Thu. 09/24/2009

Friends University is taking steps to educate students, faculty and staff about prevention of illness and to prepare for potential occurrences of the H1N1 virus.

“We care greatly about the health of our students, faculty and staff and are taking steps to prevent the spread of flu at the University,” said Dr. Biff Green, president of Friends University. “We are doing everything we can to keep everyone healthy.”

The following measures have been taken to prepare for and limit the spread of illness across the Friends University campus:

• Educational materials – such as posters, door hangers and table tents – have been placed throughout campus to instruct the campus community about preventative methods and symptoms of illness.

• Seasonal and H1N1 vaccines will be available to students, faculty and staff this fall.

• Additional sanitation stations have been placed throughout campus and at off-site locations.

• Students, faculty and staff are being strongly encouraged to remain home if they become ill.

• Custodial crews are enhancing cleaning procedures on campus and at off-site locations, including using an approved disinfectant and increasing the frequency of disinfection.

• Residence Life and Friends University Dining Services have identified procedures for residents who may become ill and their roommates, including delivering food and liquids and moving healthy roommates into other housing as needed.

• A Facebook account has been set up under Friends University Wellness Programs so students can obtain more information.

Additional steps may be considered should illness on campus become severe and wide-spread, including:

• Allowing individuals at higher risk for complications to stay home to avoid exposure.

• Increasing social distances inside the classroom and using distance learning methods.

• Advancing sick leave for flu-stricken employees who don’t have enough sick hours to recover.

• Suspending classes if warranted in conjunction with local and state public health officials.

Friends University is working closely with local health organizations to monitor campus flu conditions and make decisions about the best steps to take concerning students and the institution. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

For disease prevention tips, a list of H1N1 symptoms and additional information from the Center for Disease Control, please click here.

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