BTB Classes Relocated Jan. 4 Due to Power Outage

News Date: 
Mon. 01/04/2010

Due to a power outage in the Olive White Garvey Business and Technology Building (BTB) and Riney Fine Arts Center, evening classes and labs have been relocated for Monday, Jan. 4.

The following is a list of classes and their reassigned location:

BSAD 526 (cohort MA 34) - MFT, Room 101
BMGT 380 (cohort BG 162) - DAV 107
HRMT 421 (cohort BH19) - DAV 109B
ACCT 215 (cohort AC 24) - DAV 114
MGMT 533 (cohort LM 78) - MFT 102
OML 450 (cohort OM 364) - DAV 301
BMGT 320 (cohort BG 180) - LIB 112
CIS 362 (cohort CI 01) - LIB 212

Click here for a campus map that shows locations and abbreviations listed above.

Both BTB and the Riney Fine Arts Center were unexpectedly closed today due to a mishap with a water line repair. The utility company has fixed the problem, and the two buildings will be open as usual starting Tuesday, Jan. 5.

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