Ballet to Showcase Student Choreography May 6

News Date: 
Thu. 04/22/2010

The Friends University Ballet Department will present a student-led choreography showcase at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 6, in Sebits Auditorium located in the Riney Fine Arts Center. The final performance will showcase the choreographic renditions of four students and will be open to public viewing with free admission.

The four students include Ivy Neal, senior ballet major; Katherine Hesterberg, senior ballet major; Sarah Finder, junior ballet major; and Cherie Sullivan, sophomore music theatre major. They will give their debut production to the public under the direction of Stan K. Rogers. The four pieces all exemplify contemporary dance, but each piece is very different and has its unique qualities as well as concepts.

Neal’s “Phases” explores the connections and changes within a group. Hesterberg’s piece “Seceding Disillusions” is created to make the audience think and individually interpret. Finder’s “Pendulum Swing” is an upbeat, cheery ballet with a bit of a twang and will entice the Kansas audience. Sullivan’s “Divergence” deals with the toils of alter-egos.

With this production, the young choreographers intend to reach the public’s imagination and expand minds in the area of dance, perhaps attaining a new overall perspective on the limits of ballet. This performance proves to be exciting with unexpected turns for the audience because it is full of new ideas from the next generation.

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