Library Receives Books from Alumnus Living in Netherlands

News Date: 
Thu. 11/11/2010

Beginning in mid-November, Friends University students will be able to check out books from Edmund Stanley Library donated by Robert Tusler, a 1946 graduate, now living in the Netherlands.

In January 2010, Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. John Yoder received a letter from Tusler, now 90 years old, inquiring if the library would accept books from his private collection of more than 5,000 books and musical scores. In his letter, Tusler stated:

“Before I depart this wonderful world, I wish to express my appreciation to Friends University, my alma mater, an institution I believe still clings to and lives by the noblest ideals. Institutions with loving teachers, such as Friends, have led and shown the way for many of us.”

After the books arrived in mid-June, Library Director Max Burson and his staff catalogued the 48 donated books and musical scores and put a book plaque in each one honoring Tusler.

“To have someone that is a fellow scholar donate books and has a relationship with the University is great,” Burson said. “The books we received we think will be used and support the current curriculum.”

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Darcy Zabel believes Tusler’s gift will benefit students.

“He speaks of his books as his friends that he wishes to share with the students of Friends University,” Zabel said. “We hope that the students, like Robert Tusler, will feel a sense of history and connection with Friends University.”