Tower Quintet Recital Mixes Musical and Visual Arts

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Thu. 01/27/2011

Friends University’s Tower Wind Quintet 10th anniversary concert will not only be a treat for the ears but the eyes as well. The recital, which will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 1 in the Riney Fine Arts Center’s Sebits Auditorium, will combine the musical stylings of the faculty musicians as well as the visual art which will be displayed with the music.

Amy Hoffman, adjunct professor of flute and quintet flutist, said this year’s performance will feature wind quintet standards such as Ibert’s “Trois Pieces Breve,” “Suite” by Schuller, and “Scherzo” by Bozza; but the theme for the recital came from a lesser known piece called “Skizzen,” which means “sketches,” by Jan Bach.

“Each movement of the piece was inspired by drawings from Heinrich Kley, a German cartoonist and illustrator of the early 20th century,” Hoffman said. “It’s a rich collaboration between visual artist and a composer with a sense of humor.”

After choosing a piece inspired by drawings, the quintet contacted Ann Krone, a Wichita artist and adjuct professor at Friends Univesity, to do drawings of the other selections on the recital. Her colored pencil creations will be on display and for sale in the lobby following the recital.

“I’ve been inspired my whole life to draw as I listen to music,” Krone said. “But it’s been popular music, not classical. This is exciting because I’m presenting my drawings with live music.”

Hoffman says the program will be challenging but is looking forward to the performance.

“We have chosen a difficult program for our 10th anniversary and feel the excitement of our playing together for 10 years will be displayed at the recital in a very entertaining way,” she said.

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