Students Bring Dramatic Talents to Cornerstone Stage

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Thu. 04/07/2011

Student directors, producers and actors will have the opportunity to stage their talents at the annual Student Directing Showcase at 7:30 p.m. April 9, 3 p.m. April 10, and 7:30 p.m. April 21. All performances will be free and open to the public in the Cornerstone Studio Theatre in the Riney Fine Arts Center.

As part of the Producing and Directing the Stage Play course offered at Friends University, students will perform one-act plays.

“It is on the one hand a group effort to present to our audiences an occasion of dramatic performance but on the other an individual effort to select a play or scene, cast and rehearse the actors, then bring it all to an artistic conclusion before an audience,” said Dr. Charles Parker, professor of drama. “For all of the students this marks a cumulative achievement based upon their acquisition of dramatic skills and sensibilities throughout their studies.” 

Not only is this a chance for the aspiring directors and producers in the class, but also an opportunity for the actors who perform in the productions.

“These presentations have never failed to entertain and gain the appreciative responses of our campus audiences and guests from outside communities. It also often provides performance occasions for younger and less experienced actors to exhibit their abilities and learn alongside our usual suspects,” Parker said.

In previous years, Parker said, the performances range in their subject and genre.

“Selections this time have been challenging for our casts and should be rather engaging for our audiences. We suggest everyone come ready to laugh or listen attentively to great drama. One student is ‘revising’ Shakespeare's “Othello” as a piece for women. Another is directing an episode from BBC’s Black Adder series,” Parker said.

For information on this performance or any other Friends University event, contact the Fine Arts Box Office at 316-295-5677.

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