Davis Building’s Roof Project Earns Top Contractor Award

News Date: 
Wed. 01/25/2012

Hard work, patience and attention to detail have once again proved to be a winning combination. 

It took more than a year of hard work from the people of Buckley Roofing and patience on the part of the Friends University community, until the roofing project on the Davis Administration Building was completed. But when all was said and done, the Associated General Contractors of Kansas gave the project a standing ovation, giving the Award of Excellence.

The award, now in its 23rd year, is awarded to state buildings, said Cleo Daugherty of Buckley Roofing. 

“Buckley Roofing is being recognized for innovative solutions and outstanding workmanship on what we consider one of the most complex and beautiful buildings in Kansas,” Daugherty said.

The award was created to recognize the Kansas contractors exemplifying the best of the best. Categories are new construction, renovation, pre-engineered and design-build. 

“Nominees are analyzed based on surveys of architects and owners, along with photographs of each completed project,” Daugherty said. “Each project is judged on construction features, innovation, techniques and outstanding examples of workmanship.”

Ryan Archer, director of purchasing at Friends University, was one of the University administrators that nominated Buckley for their work on the roof. 

“Buckley Roofing did a fantastic job on the Davis Administration Building roof project. This award recognizes outstanding workmanship and innovative solutions, which Buckley provided to Friends University all throughout this project,” Archer said.

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