History Professor Featured on CSPAN, CBS

News Date: 
Thu. 05/31/2012

Wichita’s foremost expert on the Civil Rights Movement in Wichita will be featured on CSPAN2 Book TV  June 2-3.

“The network will feature Wichita historians/authors, including me,” said Dr. Gretchen Eick, professor of history at Friends University. “I am interviewed about my book, ‘Dissent in Wichita,’ which begins with the first successful student-led sit-in in the United States here in Wichita in the summer of 1958.”

Dr. Eick said this event was something that had not been examined previous to her dissertation and “has gone on to give the city some fame and its participants well-deserved honor from the city.”

The sit-in took three weeks and was led by African-American high school and college students, Dr. Eick said. Students were protesting the store owner’s practice of prohibiting African-Americans from sitting at the lunch counter.

“The sit-in resulted in a decision to desegregate all Dockum’s stores in Kansas and Rexall stores nationwide. It was followed a week or so later by sit-ins in Oklahoma, and 18 months later in Greensboro, N.C., Nashville, Tenn., and 112 other locations across the south,” Dr. Eick said.

Additionally, Dr. Eick was recently featured in a CBS.com article about Wichita’s role in the movement. The CBS.com article can be read in its entirety at the following link: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57359859/wichita-kansas-civil-rights....

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