Google Brings Street View Trike Technology to Friends University Campus

News Date: 
Wed. 08/08/2012

The world will soon get a closer, more detailed view of Friends University thanks to some of the latest technology from Google. 

Google Street View and the Street View Trike visited Wichita July 30 to shoot images of streets and pedestrian pathways throughout the University’s campus. The Trike is a three-wheel pedi-cab with a camera system on top that explores and captures some of the world’s most interesting places that aren’t accessible by cars, including universities, zoos, theme parks and more.

Images from Google’s three-hour visit to Friends University will be live on Google Street View in the next several months, said Deanna Yick, a Google spokesperson.

“The still photos will be stitched together to create the immersive, 360-degree panoramic views people are used to seeing in Google Maps, and we also run all imagery through our automatic face and license plate blurring technology,” Yick said.

The detailed imagery will allow people throughout the world to familiarize themselves with the University’s beautiful grounds. Prospective students, alumni, current students, parents and anyone interested in Friends University will be able to virtually explore the architecture, gardens and overall beauty of the campus.

To view photos from Google’s visit to campus, click here.

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