La Salle University Students to Visit Friends for Language Program

News Date: 
Fri. 01/04/2013

A group of 13 students from La Salle University in Cancun, Mexico, will be visiting Friends University for a cultural and language immersion program in January. 

The students and their chaperone are part of an ongoing sister city exchange program between the universities. Friends University faculty, staff and students’ families will be hosting the Mexican students during their intensive English curriculum, which will include getting to know Wichita. During their stay, La Salle students will visit the Sedgwick County Zoo, the Historical Museum, the African-American Museum, an ice skating rink and the Wichita City Hall. 

Rolaine Hetherington, assistant professor of voice at Friends University, will be hosting one of the La Salle students in her home. Hetherington’s daughter, Anna, studies Spanish at Friends University.

“It will be a great opportunity for Anna as well as us,” Hetherton said. “It’s always a life-changing opportunity when you get to know people from other countries, cultures and languages.”

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