Communities of Practice: Information for Current CAPS Students

News Date: 
Tue. 05/21/2013

Friends University is pleased to announce the immediate move toward Communities of Practice for CAPS, providing a positive affect for most of our campus in some way. We would like to outline the major elements of the new Communities of Practice, giving all constituents a basic understanding of what this means to Friends University.

Through the summer-ending in July: $408

June 1, 2013 – DCP tuition reduced from $476: $455
(all pre-registered DCP students will have tuition adjustment made to their accounts)

All CAPS as of August 18, 2013: $455

Curriculum fees have been eliminated for all on-ground courses beginning June 1, 2013, and all students will be responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. 

If a student has been charged a curriculum fee for a class that starts after June 1, a refund will be applied to the student’s account.

Friends University Bookstore will continue to provide good service to our students and we encourage students to purchase their books from Friends University Bookstore.  

Students who qualify for book vouchers should contact Financial Aid.

Students may order books directly from the Friends University Bookstore online from the Bookstore website at or through their class schedule in Self-Service Banner (SSB) by linking from each class to the Bookstore. The SSB method will identify the book, edition, all options and the ISBN number.

COP will be implemented for CAPS beginning August 18, 2013. Additional information will be provided soon for Topeka and Kansas City students on new flexible schedule choices.

What is the Communities of Practice model and why are we changing?
This new model allows our students to:

  • Start as soon as you like: begin any CAPS program every eight weeks.
  • Progress as fast as you like: all courses will be eight weeks and more than one course may be taken during an eight week session.
  • Maximize financial aid: students enrolled for 12 hours in a 16-week period will be considered full time for financial aid purposes.
  • Get a superior educational experience:
    The Friends Difference for Adult Students
    • New student orientation program that presents the array of student services available to adult students
    • Success coaches assist with academic program planning, act as liaison with offices that may be closed in the evening, troubleshoot concerns unique to adult students
    • Experiential learning opportunities
    • Academic honor society to recognize adult students
    • Career exploration elements are embedded in many courses to identify professional opportunities for that major
    • Additional student services are being developed and will be announced when details are available.

For Current Students:

  • Current DCP students may continue in their existing cohorts if they wish. 
  • Current PACE students seeking an associate degree will be allowed to complete their degree.
  • Current CAPS students may move to the new Communities of Practice model.
  • The designations of PACE and DCP will be eliminated, and all students in CAPS will be eligible to enroll for all four-year programs. Academic Success Coaches will help current PACE students develop a plan that meets their academic and career goals and transition into a four-year degree track.
  • To register for classes, all CAPS students will have an Academic Success Coach who will work with them to build a plan appropriate to them. The Academic Success Coach’s authorization is required for all registrations.
For more information
Communications Office