Zoo Science grad cares for newborn San Diego peccaries

News Date: 
Wed. 09/04/2013

One of the first human faces San Diego Zoo’s baby peccaries see when they are born is former Falcon Barbara Letton. 

Letton, a 2002 zoo science graduate from Friends University, was featured on CBS news for her work with newborn peccaries.

“The peccaries are doing very well,” Letton said. “Growing like weeds and eating mostly solid food. In a few months they’ll be almost as big as the adults, and we’ll quite possibly have another litter of peccary babies.” 

Peccaries are mammals in the pig family found in the southwestern United States and throughout Central and South America. 

Letton has worked as senior keeper for the San Diego Zoo for the past six years. Before moving to California, she spent four years working at the Sedgwick County Zoo. 

“Along with the nine peccaries in my care, I also am responsible for hyenas, canids, bighorn sheep, wallabies, warthogs, hyrax, a fossa and a honey badger,” she said. “My responsibilities include feeding, cleaning up, medicating, enriching and transporting animals in my care.”

Friends University’s Bachelor of Science in Zoo Science is a unique program, offering students classroom instruction on animals, their behaviors and necessary care while also giving practical experience caring for animals at the Sedgwick County Zoo

A video of Letton and the baby peccaries can be viewed below.

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