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Friends University Athletic Director Joe Zimmerman and Friends University alumnus and Wichita

Communications Office
Mon. 09/08/2014

Audience members will have the opportunity to live the law during a Constitution Day

Friends University’s Garvey Institute of Law
Fri. 08/29/2014

The Friends University Fine Arts Department will be highlighting some of its talented faculty

Fine Arts Department
Wed. 08/27/2014

The Falcon community will be better informed about the election process and participation

Communications Office
Tue. 08/26/2014

Several Friends University groups and leaders have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this past

Communications Office
Sat. 08/23/2014

Photographer Mickey Shannon has combined his passions for photography and travel into a career

Fine Arts Office
Mon. 08/18/2014

Two private educational institutions in Wichita are making a substantial economic impact on the

Communications Office
Thu. 08/14/2014

Taking full advantage of the employment boom in the health care industry, Friends University’s

Communications Office
Tue. 08/12/2014