Community and Residential Development

The benefits of Friends University’s small campus are also realized in its on-campus housing facilities. No matter the facility in which a resident lives, he or she does not have to go far to eat in the Casado Dining Hall, see a concert in the Riney Fine Arts Center or research an assignment at the Edmund Stanley Library. Friends University offers all its students plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet new people, and one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by living on campus. Each of Friends University's on-campus facilities offers students an immediate community, complete with monthly programs and a knowledgeable resident assistant who can answer questions and look after residents' needs.

Living on campus has its benefits:

  • A 74 percent higher chance of graduating
  • Students your age who have similar goals
  • Maximum opportunities to make new friends
  • Quick access for late-night snacking and fun
  • Close proximity to all campus facilities
  • A support network of teachers, resources and tutors to help you succeed
  • Just an all-around better college experience


Current Student

“I came to college to receive an education, and I have gotten that. But I have also received the lessons of a lifetime outside of the classroom.”

Alumna Audrey Wade