Student Testimonials

Where are our graduates working?

  • Family preservation/foster care agencies
  • Private practice
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities (i.e., hospitals)
  • Juvenile/adult detention facilities
  • Churches
  • Community mental health
  • Domestic violence facilities
  • Community service agencies
  • Universities
  • Bereavement agencies
  • Elder facilities

What our students and alumni say:
"The MSFT faculty represent themselves as professionals, yet they come across as ordinary people who understand life's ordinary circumstances. Never did I imagine I could walk into such a well-respected program and be treated with such care and warmth. The faculty members at Friends are very considerate of each individual and what it is that he or she offers to the program, recognizing that no two students are the same."

– Jessica Barr, Cohort 28

"I cannot believe I have been in the Master of Science in Family Therapy program at Friends University only four months now. In that short time I have been presented and learned information that will serve myself and my future clients the rest of my life. Yes, the program at Friends University is challenging, but it’s also a family therapy program where one is surrounded by support by the faculty, staff and, yes, your cohort."

– Alex Lopez, Cohort 28

"My experience at Friends University is by far one of the best in my life. I chose the Family Therapy program mainly because I wanted to work with families and individuals while bringing healing to the community where needed. Although I gained experience through a clinical internship, I also gained a renewed sense of faith within myself as well as the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a family therapist. Thank you, Friends University!"

– Meredith Kennedy, Cohort 24

"I chose the Friends University MSFT program because I wanted to be trained in therapy, not just theory. The hands-on experience I gained during my master's program allowed me to feel well-prepared to provide therapy to a variety of clients. Thanks to Friends, I now have the confidence and clinical knowledge necessary to fulfill my dream of building a private practice."

– Shannon Easterly, Cohort 26